Calendar 2019 ( featuring Cats from Gold-D collections)

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Selling price @ RM 15.00 each ,

For Purchase of 10 units and above @ RM 10.00 each

Each Calendar will generate 250 gsm of Gold-D Dry Food to Participating Shelters

Note: 100% of the proceed goes to participating Shelters / Organisation to Fun their Good Work.

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Support shelters!

Gold-D brand is founded by 2 cats, Ken Ken and Gold-D who were both were FIV+.

Ken Ken was abused while Gold-D was abandoned. Very lucky for them, they were rescued by a shelter and given a 2nd chance in life.

their lives crossed path when they were both adopted and later co found Gold-D brand.

Ken Ken and Gold-D's story is told in the award winning documentary "We are not a nuisance".

For this reason, we always work and support shelters in the countries we are in.

Here are the shelters that we work with. Please support them with food to promote their health and well being.

All items for Donations will be entitled to a 10% discount, and will be delivered directly to the shelters on a scheduled basis.( 1st & 3rd week of each month )

Please enter coupon code for respective shelters during Checkout to enable 10% discount:

  1. Cat Beach Shelter - Penang
  1. Meowy Shelter - Penang
  1. Shikin Shelter - Malacca
  1. Cherish Life Shelter - Hulu Langat
  1. Katzen Shelter - Shah Alam
  1. S.I. Homes Shelter - Shah Alam