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Katzen Cat Sanctuary, is an NGO that was started by two cat-loving sisters with a growing number of their own cats needing a new place to live in.


After some friends found out about the place, they started sending some stray cats over, hoping that the sisters would foster the cats and indeed they did. And so the cat sanctuary grew.


Go Natural

Though they have always wanted a cat sanctuary with a more 'natural' environment, financial limitations meant starting small. Their ultimate dream is to find “furr-ever” homes for all cats in Malaysia (if possible), or if failing to do so, they would make sure that the cats in their care are taken care of in a comfortable and safe environment with a lot of TLC.

Their Goal and Dream

The sisters’ end goal is to have a large plot of land where the cats can run free and not be confined to a small cage, as is the current situation. During the day, cats would be able to play outside on the grass, basking in the sun, while at night, they would be kept indoors In a comfortable-sized, single-occupancy “cat home” for monitoring purposes

Earning an income for the Sanctuary

The sisters came up with the idea of opening a pet shop to earn extra income so that the expenses for the cat sanctuary are bearable. Proceeds from sales goes directly to support the rescued cats’ welfare. Besides in-store and online retail with delivery services, Katzen Pet Shop provides cat boarding and grooming services.


You can find out more about their work through Facebook at @KatzenCatSanctuary


Starting a new chapter of hope & happiness

Lets help them to recover and get ready for their new loving homes or a new chapter in their lives with all the new brothers and sisters.


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