Meowy Shelter, Penang

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Meowy Shelter is located in Penang.

They rescuse injured, handicaped cats and kittens. These animals need immediate care to save their lives.


Pauline, the founder, runs the shelter to create a safe haven for these cats. However, it is not easy and she is constantly under pressure to raise food and money for expenses.


Good quality food and recovery

Newly rescued cats who have been badly starved, neglected or those who are sick and elderly need very good quality food. It helps them to to recover from their ordeal and to rebuild their health.



Good quality food at shelters can be a matter of life and death.

Gold-D and rescue cats

The founder of Gold-D brand are 2 cats both FIV. One abused and one abandoned and both almost died. That is why Gold-D partners shelters to raise food for them.


Starting a new chapter of hope & happiness


Lets help them to recover and get ready for their new loving homes or a new chapter in their lives with all the new brothers and sisters.


All the items are marked for Meowy shelter and we will consolidate the orders to deliver to them.

All items for Donations will be entitled to a 10% discount, and will be delivered directly to the shelters on a scheduled basis.( 1st & 3rd week of each month )




 For Donation to Meowy Shelter - Penang, please use coupon code:

"meowy", at the checkout page or view cart page.

Delivery will be scheduled every monthly and all items will  be delivered directly to the relevant shelters.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Coupon codes are tagged to relevant shelters, therefore, please use the correct donation coupon for the correct shelter. For example: meowy-donation coupon is used for Meowy Shelter in Penang.
  • Using the wrong shelter coupon will result in items sending to the incorrect shelter.
  • This donation coupons are meant ONLY for donation purposes.
  • Any usage of the donation coupons for PERSONAL/INDIVIDUAL purchases, NOT relating to donation to shelters, is NOT allowed.
  • The Company (Feline Grace Enterprise/Gold-D) reserved the right to send the items ordered for mis-used of the donation coupons for personal purchases, as a donation to the relevant shelters, if there are any.