Past Events

Gold-D in Malaysia Photobook Launch

Organizer: Feline Grace Malaysia

To celebrate Gold-D cat love in Malaysia, we have organised a photography competition in Penang and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. We have worked with local shelters to invite several beautiful and awesome cat models.

Cats are our priority

While working to create the perfect photo, the cat model’s welfare and safety is our top concern.

We work with local shelters (Penang Cat Beach, Meowy Shelter & Katzen) to propose models for the photography sessions. The respective shelters select cats who are relax in a outdoor setting and comfortable with people.

We were very thankful and happy to have Sinatra & Bella from Cat Beach Shelter, Puteh from Meowy Shelter, and Bro from Katzen Cat Sanctuary to become our cat models.

Our sessions are kept short and determined by the cat’s comfortable level.

We want great photos but we also want happy cats.

Winners of Gold-D Photography Competition
Winner : Allen Lim

1st Runner-Up : Bryan Lim

2nd Runner-Up : Jeremy Cheong

Panel of Judges

Our judges are rescuers and shelters from around the world from Malaysia, Singapore, Laos and even Switzerland.

Their votes along with the public vote produce the top three photos.


What else did we do?

We have also invite shelters in KL to give out the prizes to the talented photographers.

On the day of the event, we promised to give out one bag of Gold-D dry food to the shelter for every four bags purchased.

As for the sales of Gold-D in Malaysia Photobook, 50% of will be donated to the shelters in terms of Gold-D Food. Yes, RM44 goes to the shelter for every book sold!

It's never too late!

Yes, it is still available online!

You can purchase this memorable Gold-D Photobook in Malaysia for RM88.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact us via our Gold-D Malaysia Facebook.