Gold-D Probiotics

Gold-D Probiotics


Gold-D Probiotics

60 capsules in a bottle

Free Delivery within west Malaysia only with purchase of RM100 and above.
Recommended usage: 1 capsule a day



The level of good bacteria can change to due to

  • Aging
  • Illness or surgery
  • Use of anti biotics
  • Stress
  • Compromised immune system
  • Sudden change of diet

Who needs it?

  • Cats and dogs recovering from illness or surgery
  • Cats and dogs on medication
  • Aging cats and dogs
  • Cats and dogs under stress
  • FIV and/or Felv cats
  • Cats and dogs with renal issues
  • Healthy cats do not need this supplement. they can enjoy the benefits of probiotics through Gold-D cat dry food that contains pre and pro bioptics.

Probiotics and renal issues

  • Recent research suggests that when cats and dogs with renal disease are given probiotics, their blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and creatinine concentrations dropped.
  • It is believed that probiotics can clear the toxic via the digestive track and so reducing the workload of the kidneys.
  • More reseach is needed but since probiotics is not toxic and does not have any long term side effects, the benefit outweights any possible risks.
  • This product is a health supplement and shouPETAld not replace prescribed treatment or medication from vet.
  • Like the rest of Gold-D product range, the Gold-D probiotics is PETA certified cruelty free.


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